TransMet (Trasnfer Metallized Paperboard.)

Less Energy Consumption
Compared to the traditional metalizing with 0.006mm aluminum foil, TransMet covered with 30 nano meter thick of aluminum molecule, 1/200 of 6.5 micorn aluminum foil, which has same appearance, but also less energy and materials consumption.

1 ton aluminum costs15,000kWh
1 kWh costs 0.497kg coal

Therefore, the metal layer of TransMet is much thinner than other two types. The TransMet also cost less energy, like electricity and coal.

Recyclable and Degradable
Our production is also film free. After the film and paperboard combinated, the PET would be delaminated from the metallized paperboard. Therefore the PET is recyclable and reusable, as well as, the final product is degradable.

Green Materials
Less harmful gas emission, due to green material used in laminating, such as water based lacquer and adhesive.

RTO System

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), which is an efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Compared with the traditional catalytic combustion furnace and direct-fired heat oxidation (TO), RTO has high thermal efficiency (95% or higher), low running cost, and it can dispose large volume with low concentration waste gas etc. When the concentration is slightly higher, also can undertake secondary waste heat recovery, reduce production costs.