Shunhao Stock Technology Communicate Conference was Held in Hubei LvxinDec 12 / 2017
On March 25, 2017 - March 26, the vice President of Shanghai Shunhao Stock technology center Yuan Chen invited the industry experts, scholars and production technology backbone of three presses, four transfer paper factory of the Group, technology Exchange Conference and new technology seminar was held in Hubei Lvxin.

Lv Wei, vice President of shenzhen jin jia group, Beijing printing institute director and general manager of Yunnan Yuyin Pei Jianqiang and other printing experts, had a meeting about printing and packaging industry, the development trend of common problems in the process of transfer paper in printing detection method, and the solution to the interpretation of the system. Yuan Chen, vice President of Shunhao, and Shunhao special assistant to President Cheng Kangying, Jin Shengcai and technology manager XiaoShangZhou made the clearly reports about "cat's eye" of TransMet lens principle, the development trend of the application of EB technology and embossing paper development respectively. During the meeting, the companies also discussed some of the problems that appeared in printing.

Through two days of meetings, participants have increased their friendship and understanding between each other. After the meeting we have suggested Mr. Yuan to build a suitable Shunhao WeChat group of technical communication. Then, Shunhao internal technology could be integrated in full utilization of resources, some good technical scheme between the subsidiary and excellent management experience can also be used to share, promote Shunhao stock technology research and development in the field of further ascension.