Industry Introduction

TransMet is a kind of transfer metalized paperboard, recyclable, degradable and environment friendly packaging materials, widely used in cigarette, gifts, cosmetics, liquor, food, medicine, toothpaste, sports products, electronic products packaging etc.

Compared with traditional aluminum foil laminated paper, the aluminum layer thickness of vacuum aluminized paper is 1/200 ~ 1/300 (i.e., 220 ~ 350 Å) of aluminum foil thickness of aluminum foil.

Technical Innovation

  • Transfer technology
  • Non-delamination Mould pressing technology
  • Registration technology
  • Water transfer technology
  • Seamless technology
  • Anti-fake technology

Major Production

  • TransMet Silver/Gold paperboard series
  • Aluminizing Silver/Gold paperboard series
  • Clod transfer film series
  • TransHolo paperboard series
  • Aluminizing Holographic paperboard series
  • TransHolo film series
  • Lamination Holographic paperboard series
Technology Centre Basic Situation

R&D Center

Research and development organization total members:75 people
College 7 people,undergraduate 55 people,Master 3 people
High-grade professional title 2 people,Medium-grade professional title 36 people,Primary Title29 people

Testing Instruments

The technology center has a total of 95 testing and pre-production equipments, with a total value of 54.5 million Yuan

The testing and pre-production workshop construction area have 4000m2, in order to meet the research and development test requirements, the environment of the pre-production workshop reached the standard of 100,000 level.

Patents& Know- How

No. Patent Name Type
1 A transfer of aluminum paper based on adhesive paper invention patent
2 A kind of OPP without seam holographic cold transfer film utility model
3 A low VOCS solvent-free composite transfer spray aluminum paper utility model
4 A transfer pattern aluminized paper utility model
5 Aluminum paper with a straight plate utility model
6 A pattern of aluminum fim utility model
7 The electromagnetic induction heating equipment utility model
8 Vacuum aluminized paper Industry standard
Assessment indicators:3 patents、 1 item Develop industry standard



The honor of the company has been awarded for two years

  • 2007~2012,Shanghai municipal science and technology commission has been awarded the Shanghai high-tech enterprises for six consecutive years.
  • 2007~2012, Shanghai municipal commission of commerce and commerce has been awarded the Shanghai advanced technology enterprise for six consecutive years.


  • Shanghai Putuo Quality Association Council unit

  • Shanghai identified enterprise technology center

  • Shanghai science and technology enterprise federation a standing council unit