• 1996

    Mr. Wang Dan established Shanghai Shunho Package & materials Co., Ltd

  • Mr. Wang Dan established Shanghai Luxin Package Industry Co., Ltd

  • 2004

    The company settle down Xinyang industrial park, Taopu, Putuo district Shanghai, had bought 16 mu of land and leased 18 mu of land, total area reached 24447 square meters.

    12 December

    The company was became to a joint-stock limited with HK Shunho Investment Group, established Shanghai Luxin packing materials of cigarette and technology Co., Ltd

  • Approved ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification;

    7 July

    The company has obtained the first patent certificate (a transfer of aluminum paper or paperboard); 8 August

    The company is a wholly owned foreign owned enterprise by Hong Kong Shunho investment group.

    10 October

    6200 square meters area of factory was completed, put into use at the same time, it helped to lay the foundation for the company to expand production scale

  • 2006

    Being approved by the Shanghai municipal government as "Shanghai high-tech enterprise";

    9 September

    The new patent certificate (a transfer of aluminum paper or cardboard) was obtained.

  • The investment arm of Lenovo became the second-largest shareholder as Luxin Packaging. In the same year, the company became "a tax payment of more than 10 million yuan in the Putuo district."

    12 December

    The certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certificate was adopted.

  • 2008

    According to the new certification system, it is once again designated as "Shanghai high-tech enterprise"; and it is recognized as "the advanced technology enterprise of foreign investment" by the Shanghai commerce committee.

    7 July

    The 3rd most investment value enterprise was holding by the Qingke group, the company was awarded "the top 50 most invested enterprises in China in 2008".

    10 October

    The company was ranked 28th in the "China top 50" enterprise, which was "the first Chinese best investment case in 2008ChinaVentureCVAwards". That same year, joined the international the sustainable packaging coalition (SPC), the alliance is a blue green international institutions (GreenBlue) of a project, and is absorbed by the world aluminized coating composite industry association as a member (AIMCAL).

  • The Chinese version of the famous business magazine Forbes released the list of "the most promising SMES in 2009", with 24 companies in the list.

    8 August

    2009 the company completed restructuring, and changed its name to "Shanghai Luxin packaging materials science and technology co., LTD.", whose registered capital reached 100 million yuan, launched establishing limited liability company by Shunho investment, Shouyu Investment, Hongxin investment, Guojia Investment, Guocheng Investment, Yiwen venture.

  • 2010

    The company achieved "the top 100 private enterprise in Shanghai in 2010".

    7 July

    The company was reviewed as "Shanghai advanced technology enterprise" again.

    11 November

    The company was selected as the deputy director-general of the third council of the China anti-counterfeiting trade association.

  • Shanghai Luxin packaging materials technology co., LTD successfully listed in the small and medium market of Shenzhen stock exchange (Shanghai Luxin, stock code 002565).

  • 2012

    Acquisition of fujian, taixing paper with RMB 440 million cash, Luxin became China and the world's largest manufacturer of vacuum aluminum plating and laser transfer paper, in the same year, offering investment project that built in Jinzhou city, Hubei province, covers an area of 400 mu of land green packaging material high-tech industrial park -- Hubei Luxin packaging material technology co., LTD

  • Shanghai Green Vaper Technology Co. Ltd, which has been invested 100 million RMB in the Shanghai free trade area, is engaged in the r&d and manufacturing of e-cigarettes. Opening a new chapter in the diversification of emerging industries and product structures. The world-class factory is located in Baoan, Shenzhen. E-cigarettes are listed as one of the eight new products to disrupt traditional industries, with big data and 3D printing technology.

  • 2016

    In order to adapt to the development of company better, can reflect the company's strategic planning, development direction and business characteristics more accurately, to cooperate with the company strategic objectives better

    12 December

    The company changed its name to Shanghai Shunho New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (the securities referred to as "Shunho shares" in Chinese and English securities referred to as "SHUNHO STOCK", the company STOCK code remains the same, still is 002565)